Goodbye & Best Wishes to our President!

On January 26th, we said goodbye to our longtime member, Henry Meklune.  Henry had been with the district 37 years and for the last 30 has been an active member of our association.  He was every President’s “Go-to guy” if an executive council position was vacated and was appointed to positions multiple times.     He had been the Grievance Chair for over a decade.  He was First or Second Vice President for just under a decade prior to becoming our President about two years ago.  Henry never came in to this association wanting to be the leader but we needed him and he was there.  It seems only appropriate that such a long time, dedicated, knowledgeable, and loyal member retire only after becoming President.  We are sorry to see him go but wish him well.  We hope that he enjoys his travels moreso now that they don’t have to follow the school calendar.  Henry is an avid diver and always takes the most exotic of vacations.   Enjoy life, Henry!  We miss you already!

Henry Cutting his Cake

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